January 10, 2016

Support us

Why Support us?

We believe that child-centric holistic education in the early years will enable any child to be successful in their later life. Without demonstrating a practical alternative to the traditional education system, the call for changing the current system will not be taken seriously by anyone.
This initiative promises to bring the new hope in developing the child-centred education system by solving the hardest challenge in this domain: teacher training and curriculum development. This is a very timely initiative which needs serious commitment both intellectually, financially and in every other possible ways.

Areas of Support:

You can support our projects individually or generally in any part of our activities. See the estimated cost of our activities here.

  • Curriculum development: Starting from £2000 per subject.
  • Montessori teacher training: Starting from £3000 per teacher per course.
  • Educational programme development: Any variable amount.

How to support us:

You can help by involving in the project directly, sending donations or volunteering in various activities.
Contact us by emailing to info@childcentriceducation.org


If you want to setup a monthly standing order please download and fill in  this form and send it to us.